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Cognitive Distortion Series – Jumping to Conclusions

Cognitive Distortion Series:  2nd in a series of explaining what cognitive distortions are and how they negatively impact our lives and relationships. Jumping to Conclusions is also called ‘mind reading’ … Continue reading

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Cognitive Distortion Series – Polarized Thinking

Thinking: The talking of the soul to itself. – Plato What we think matters. We are listening even when we are not aware of our thoughts, they are there and … Continue reading

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A Slow and Painful Death

I often witness conversational exchanges between two people where one of the individuals expresses themselves by harshly criticizing the other: “You are always telling lies” “You don’t have any self-respect” … Continue reading

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Partnerships Defined – the anatomy of a good relationship

In the course of couple’s therapy I am almost always investigating the extent to which the couple is navigating their partnership. As may be imagined, the entire model of ‘partnership’ … Continue reading

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Text Me Not

I read the other day that 91% of American adults now own cell phones. In fact, many of us have completely retired land lines. Why not? Cell phones allow us … Continue reading

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No Regrets! 5 Ways to Eliminate the Uglies

My mother used to say that she had “so many regrets” as do many of the clients I work with. Personally, I feel that REGRET [defined here as a feeling … Continue reading

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Benefits of Having a Snuggle Buddy – How 5 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Relationship

One of the things I hear A LOT when I work with couples is that “things have changed from when we were first together”. Let’s be realistic, relationships change.  As … Continue reading

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No One is “Making” you….

I can’t keep track of how many times a week I talk about removing the word YOU from statements when people are talking to one another and most importantly, the … Continue reading

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You Left Me…. Consequences of Feeling Abandoned

One of the more recent labels popularized by psychology pop culture is the term “abandonment”. Clients will frequently start an introductory session with “I have abandonment issues” but it’s rare … Continue reading

September 18, 2014 · 1 Comment

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