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Mom May Not Know Best

Moms usually mean well but sometimes they say things to make us feel better that don't actually turn out that way. Sometimes, the statements stay with us, burned into our subconscious and directing behavior of which, we are hardly aware. My sister was a beautiful child with Grace Kelly legs (for you younger folk, Grace… Continue reading Mom May Not Know Best

Unhealthy Behaviors

Control is a Bad Word…

… Or so many people think. In fact, feeling like one is IN control is necessary at least in the context of your own well-being. I personally, have a few ‘control issues’ and proclaim them loudly now that I have an understanding of how they manifest and why they are part of my personality makeup.… Continue reading Control is a Bad Word…

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In psychology circles there are certain terms thrown around a lot... defenses, ego, schema,  transference, resistance, etc.... I almost always think of Freud when I hear these words although not all of them are attributed directly to him, they just sound like big words for what the general public thinks of as human behavior. I don't use… Continue reading D.E.F.E.N.C.E.

Healthy Behaviors

Dance of Discovery

By now, most of us on a journey of growth and change have heard the term “authentic self” and yet I feel aware that there is confusion about what it means. We throw around the phrase ‘who I am’ or ‘my true self’ so much so that there seems to be an expectation to develop… Continue reading Dance of Discovery