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Attributes of a GREAT Dad

Today is Father's Day and as many of us are, I am thinking about my father who, I have always said, was a GREAT dad. I know people who have never had that thought; people who had problems relating to their father, people who never knew their father, and people who downright dislike their father.… Continue reading Attributes of a GREAT Dad

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Save Your Relationship with Gratitude

I thought of an interesting fact today…. Not one of the couples that I have ever counseled has come in with a feeling of being appreciated by the other partner. Repeat: Appreciation of one another is always absent in the relationships that are in trouble or are problematic. We hear a lot about Gratitude these… Continue reading Save Your Relationship with Gratitude


“What’s Wrong Honey?”: When We Lie…

Have you ever told a lie? Most of us have even if it was a 'little white lie' that protected the feelings of someone we love.  Sometimes a lie is kind "no honey, those pants don't make your butt look big". Sometimes a lie is compassionate "I'm sure he didn't feel any pain in those… Continue reading “What’s Wrong Honey?”: When We Lie…

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Pride is Not Deadly

I read the other day that PRIDE is one of the keys to happiness and started thinking about how so many of us consider it one of the deadly ‘sins’. I want to challenge your thoughts about pride.... What does it mean for someone to have pride but not to be narcissistic or boastful… how… Continue reading Pride is Not Deadly

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Validate through Empathy

One of the most common ‘issues’ I see in my practice when working with couples is a lack of validation for how someone FEELS. Of course, it’s not only absent in couples relationships, but in family and business relationships as well.What is Validation?By definition it is “to confirm or establish the truthfulness or soundness of… Continue reading Validate through Empathy