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Moving Energy

Well, here we are facing a new year and I am spending the day doing some electronic ‘house cleaning’ before I go to the gym and attempt to keep my first and only resolution. I’d like to wish you all a happy and healthy New Year – I hope that 2017 is everything you need it to be.

I never finished the Cognitive Distortion series that I had vowed to write as I began and dived into another project that I know some of you are following. I began another – more personal blog where my voice as a woman, a mom, a partner, a human being in our world – could speak without professional integration.

I’ve learned a thing or two by doing it. I learned that there isn’t much of a difference between who I am as a person and who I am as a therapist. While that may seem a bit silly and obvious, I thought I had to distinguish the two – keep them separate and yet I realize that in session – I was me so why was I keeping myself tucked away from the larger platform?

As anyone who is a client knows, I became a therapist because there was a lot of ‘stuff’ in my life; a lot of pain. Eventually, I believed that in order for that pain to make sense to me, I had to learn from it and find a way for it to be purposeful. Today, I teach from that pain. I added a ton of academic knowledge and perspective… dotted it with personal reflection and use it to help people get through their own challenges.

This fall, I sat down to write out some of those lessons and I ended up with a book. I didn’t really mean to write a book – or maybe I did. I did not realize it would come out so easily or so quickly. Some people are telling me it has helped them see their life differently. Others are telling me it gives them the courage to keep moving through theirs. I am humbled that my story has that effect and I am grateful.

Now that the ‘book’ is finished and in the editing phase, I am still writing there – my voice is strong and it’s authentically merged between Leslyn the woman and Leslyn the therapist. I am moving my energy to that blog full-time. This one will stay up… there is a lot of valuable perspective and information here but I will not update it.

Please feel free to visit and follow me as I continue my own personal growth journey and share the insight it brings. When my book is available, I will announce it there.

Happy New Year!

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