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The Rip Current of Change

I am always fascinated when I notice the experience of what some would say is the ‘collective consciousnesses; when an individual incident thematically repeats itself. This week it has been the concept of CHANGE. During a workshop I presented on Monday there were several questions about coping with change and I spent a fair amount… Continue reading The Rip Current of Change

Change, Healthy Behaviors

You Make Me…

How many times have we used the phrase “You make me so ____!!”? You can fill in the blank with angry, sad, hurt, annoyed, happy, etc. I hear it in counseling sessions daily. Those four little words have become so implanted in our vernacular that we don’t pay attention to the actuality of the statement.… Continue reading You Make Me…

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You are Enough!

A common statement in counseling sessions is the sentiment “No matter what I do, it’s not enough” and the individual will frequently express feelings of being ‘unloved’. Sometimes it is a current experience, other times it is a feeling / sentiment from the past; perhaps from one’s family of origin. We all know the examples… Continue reading You are Enough!

Change, Healthy Behaviors

Change your REaction

We've had several questions about how to get 'other people' to do things that we want them to do, things that may be in their best interest, sometimes for the sake of their health. There are so many extenuating elements around this particular query that it would be impossible to effectively address them in one… Continue reading Change your REaction