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Originally posted on This Is Leslyn:
“A happy wife is a happy life” – Gavin Rossdale …As the saying goes. After years of listening to wives talk about what would…

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Originally posted on This Is Leslyn:
“We become what we repeatedly do.” ― Sean Covey 1. INTERRUPTING: interrupting your partner demonstrates that you are NOT listening.  How can you listen well…

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Originally posted on This Is Leslyn:
People go to therapy for various reasons certainly. Some are coping with stress or anxiety; others with depression or grief. Couples may seek counseling…

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Cognitive Distortion Series – Polarized Thinking

Thinking: The talking of the soul to itself. – Plato What we think matters. We are listening even when we are not aware of our thoughts, they are there and … Continue reading

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Text Me Not

I read the other day that 91% of American adults now own cell phones. In fact, many of us have completely retired land lines. Why not? Cell phones allow us … Continue reading

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No Regrets! 5 Ways to Eliminate the Uglies

My mother used to say that she had “so many regrets” as do many of the clients I work with. Personally, I feel that REGRET [defined here as a feeling … Continue reading

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Begin with Being Vulnerable

Yesterday I made the claim to a client that “We all are ashamed of something”, which I believe to be true. Shame is a self-destructive emotion. I frequently work with … Continue reading

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You Were Born That Way

I am always so deeply saddened when I meet with clients who were never taught that they are lovable. I become infuriated with parents who had the audacity to emotionally … Continue reading

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“What’s Wrong Honey?”: When We Lie…

Have you ever told a lie? Most of us have even if it was a ‘little white lie’ that protected the feelings of someone we love.  Sometimes a lie is … Continue reading

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