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A Slow and Painful Death

I often witness conversational exchanges between two people where one of the individuals expresses themselves by harshly criticizing the other: “You are always telling lies” “You don’t have any self-respect” “You never listen” “I can never trust you” “That was a dumb mistake” And so on.  I will usually observe this type of exchange long… Continue reading A Slow and Painful Death

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Get RID of the Should’s in Your Life!

Most of us have a vernacular habit of saying or thinking “I should….” , what follows is any array or combination of expectations of our values, beliefs, goals, needs, etc. and yet it can be one of  the most damaging behaviors in which we engage.Think about it….Mentally list 3 things that you ‘should’ accomplish today:I ‘should’… Continue reading Get RID of the Should’s in Your Life!

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You Make Me…

How many times have we used the phrase “You make me so ____!!”? You can fill in the blank with angry, sad, hurt, annoyed, happy, etc. I hear it in counseling sessions daily. Those four little words have become so implanted in our vernacular that we don’t pay attention to the actuality of the statement.… Continue reading You Make Me…