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A Letter to My Children: A Mother’s Fear

Steve Corey / Foter / CC BY-NC (Note: this is not entirely written of my personal experience but a culmination of the hopes, dreams, and fears that have been shared with me by mothers I’ve known professionally and personally. I hope it speaks, at least in part, about a mother’s humanness and intention.) Perhaps earlier,… Continue reading A Letter to My Children: A Mother’s Fear


You Were Born That Way

I am always so deeply saddened when I meet with clients who were never taught that they are lovable. I become infuriated with parents who had the audacity to emotionally or physically abuse their children. No matter how much understanding I have of parental dysfunction, it is simply heartbreaking to know that a perfect human… Continue reading You Were Born That Way

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Attributes of a GREAT Dad

Today is Father's Day and as many of us are, I am thinking about my father who, I have always said, was a GREAT dad. I know people who have never had that thought; people who had problems relating to their father, people who never knew their father, and people who downright dislike their father.… Continue reading Attributes of a GREAT Dad

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Mom May Not Know Best

Moms usually mean well but sometimes they say things to make us feel better that don't actually turn out that way. Sometimes, the statements stay with us, burned into our subconscious and directing behavior of which, we are hardly aware. My sister was a beautiful child with Grace Kelly legs (for you younger folk, Grace… Continue reading Mom May Not Know Best